A massive prism of grey goo

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A massive prism of grey goo
Monster ID 2193
Locations Grey Goo Impact Site: A Prism of Goo
Hit Points 999999
Attack 10
Defense 10
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum construct
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts facet
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
a massive prism of grey goo You're fighting a a massive prism of grey goo

This is like a normal prism, except light comes in white and then instead of coming out colored it turns grey and doesn't come out at all.

Miss Message(s):

The prism glistens at you maliciously.

After Combat

You have rid the Kingdom of X units of Grey Goo.

Occurs at a Prism of Goo in the Grey Goo Impact Site during a Grey Goo run.


  • Dies on the 11th round:
The prism explodes. You're not sure your efforts had anything to do with it, honestly.
The prism explodes, blasting the surrounding goo with multicolored light.
  • Heals (almost) all damage taken:
The tiny cracks you've made in its surface all repair themselves.
  • Rids the kingdom of 11 + floor(X / 5) units of Grey Goo, where X is the lowest damage of any of the 5 elements you've dealt this combat.
    • For example, if you deal 100 hot, cold and stench, 150 spooky and 50 sleaze, you will rid the kingdom of 11 + (50/5) = 21 units of Grey Goo.
    • 11 turns is enough to cast each Hobopolis spell twice.
  • You can only fight the prism once per day, and you cannot fight the prism while overdrunk:
You're too drunk to mess with a prism.