A Winning Pass

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A Winning Pass
A Winning Pass

After wandering the spaceport for a ridiculous length of time -- well, you can't very well have the intercom say, "Will the Supreme Being please pick up the white courtesy phone" -- you finally find Jill sitting at the bar.

"Ah, Decken, nice to see you!" she says.

"I'm nice to see, baby," you say, and wince immediately.

"Whatever. We need to get on the interstellar cruise ship that's leaving in a few minutes. The element's on there."

The two of you join the pre-boarding security line. The security agent frowns at you as the two of you step up to her podium. "Please place all liquids, solids, ointments, unguents, ungulates, noble gases, inert gasses, and igneous rocks into individual plastic bags and place them on the conveyor belt. All electronics must be turned off, insulted, and stomped on before boarding. Please present your multi-pass."

Present away

You hold out the pass. The agent sneers at you. "You don't need one. You're not important enough to be a security risk. Not with the terror alert at fuschia. Only Supreme Beings need a multi-pass at terror alert fuschia. Duh."

"Ah, right," you say, "I was just holding it for her."

"Multi-pass," Jill says, nodding vigorously, "multi-pass."

The agent shrugs and waves you through, and you and Jill board the cruise ship Bon Mot.

"Meet me at the bar in a couple of hours," Jill says, "and I'll show you my kitty." She kisses you again and skips off.

"Um, okay," you say, and stomp off to kill some more time.

You gain 75 Strengthliness.
You gain 75 Magicalness.
You gain 75 Chutzpah.

Occurs at Seaside Megalopolis.