A Wicked Buzz

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A Wicked Buzz
A Wicked Buzz

Suddenly, you're lying on your stomach in a room lit with blinding white lights. You have no memory of how you got here, or where you are, or why there's a maddening buzzing noise all around.

"Are you ready for this?" a voice says. "Sometimes, the first time can be painful."

You give a noncommittal grunt, since you're trying not to throw up.

"Don't be shy, let me see," the voice says. There's a rustling noise and your skin gets cold. "Oh! This isn't your first time. You're looking pretty good back here. No need to be nervous at all."

Someone rests a rubber-gloved hand gently on the small of your back. "Ready?"

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . .

The buzzing noise gets louder, and you feel a little pain, and then you black out again.

Occurs during St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stupor on St. Sneaky Pete's Day XXIX - present


  • You need to be overdrunk to encounter this adventure, as it occurs during St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stupor. It is as random as any other stupor adventure, and it can only be encountered once per SSPD.
  • Encountering this adventure for the first time results in the first form of the St. Sneaky Pete's Day Tattoo appearing in the player's collection after rollover.
  • Encounters on subsequent SSPDs will upgrade the tattoo. (It will not give you an entirely new one.) The upgraded tattoo also appears in the player's collection after rollover.
  • Once you have acquired the full tattoo, this adventure no longer occurs.