A Vent Horizon

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A Vent Horizon
A Vent Horizon

You find your way back to the deep-sea vent near the bottom of the trench. It's still just as majestic and powerful as it was the first time you saw it. You gaze upon it and it fills your soul with a strange mixture of calm and fury, like a Zen master who is also the Incredible Hulk.

Hey, while you're here, wanna make some more of that delicious batter?

Conjure some batter (200 MP)
  • First three times each day

You conjure some delicious batter from the core of the thermal vent. It pops and sizzles as you stick it in your sack.

Batter2.gifYou acquire an item: bubbling tempura batter
  • Otherwise

You try to summon some more batter in the depths of the vent, but it turns out you're like a quick inning of baseball -- you only had three batters in you. Maybe you should come back tomorrow, after you've rested up.


You cast one last longing glance at the thermal vent, and head back up the trench.

Occurs in The Marinara Trench, if you have the skill Tempuramancy.


  • The piece of bubbling tempura batter you get from You've Hit Bottom as a Pastamancer does not count against the daily limit.
  • Leaving or failing to conjure batter does not cost an adventure.
  • Does not show up any more if the summoning fails after you try summoning for a fourth time.