A Vending Machine

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A Vending Machine is found in The Dungeoneers' Association in the Big Mountains.

Davmachine.gif A small placard on the machine says "Insert tokens, collect fat loot."

Seems like a sound plan.

Item: Price:
Keya.gif Boris's key Loottoken.gif 1
Keyb.gif Jarlsberg's key Loottoken.gif 1
Keyc.gif Sneaky Pete's key Loottoken.gif 1
Ringa.gif Boris's ring Loottoken.gif 1
Earrings.gif Jarlsberg's earring Loottoken.gif 1
Spray.gif Sneaky Pete's breath spray Loottoken.gif 1
Sprout.gif potato sprout Loottoken.gif 1
Sewingkit.gif sewing kit Loottoken.gif 1
Book3.gif Spellbook: Singer's Faithful Ocelot Loottoken.gif 15
Book3.gif Spellbook: Drescher's Annoying Noise Loottoken.gif 15
Book3.gif Spellbook: Walberg's Dim Bulb Loottoken.gif 15
Drycube.gif dried gelatinous cube Loottoken.gif 27

You have:

Loottoken.gif X/no fat loot token(s)

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  • The sewing kit disappears once purchased, since it can be reused indefinitely (once per day).
    • Collectors can still buy more sewing kits after moving a kit into their closet or Display Case.


  • The vending machine was added on August 10, 2011, featuring the six items (3 keys and 3 accessories) that had been found in room 10 of the Daily Dungeon, plus the potato sprout, which had been found in room 6.
  • The vending machine was revamped again on January 31, 2013, with three new spellbooks and one new familiar being added; in addition, its appearance became more like that of an NPC store. The description of the vending machine changed from the following old text:
"The vending machine has a token slot and a series of pictographic buttons on it."