A Transporter Booth

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A Transporter Booth

A Transporter Booth is located on the Right Side of the Tracks, provided that one has the effect Transpondent active.

You step into the transporter booth and the door slides shut with a hiss. The back wall is dominated by a massive control panel, which is in turn dominated by a screen depicting what looks like the back sides of the Kingdom's moons, each of which are in turn dominated by shining domed cities.

Domed City of RonaldusDomed City of GrimaciaHamburglaris Shield GeneratorElvish ParadiseTransporter panel before the generator is activated.
Transpanel bottom1a.gif
Transpanel bottom2a.gif
Transpanel bottom3.gif
Transpanel bottom4a.gif
Transpanel bottom5a.gif

It contains:


  • Attempting to use the "Last Adventure" button after Transpondent has worn off yields:
    • You can't get here without the proper transporter frequency.
  • Attempting to use the locations buttons after Transpondent has worn off yields:
    • You can't get there anymore, because you don't know the transporter frequency. You consider beating up Kenneth to see if he remembers it, but you think better of it.


  • The title (Dad, I'm in Space!) and the page url (spaaace.php) are direct quotes from the Space Sphere (a.k.a. the space-obsessed Corrupt Personality Core) in Portal 2.
  • The Hamburglaris Shield Generator refers to the shield generator on the moon of Endor in the Star Wars series. Additionally, Hamburglaris is filled with terrible monsters (like the moon of Endor, where they were called Ewoks).
  • Grimace, Ronald, and Hamburglar are all mascots of the fast-food chain McDonald's.
  • Considering beating up Kenneth is a reference to a well-publicized incident involving Dan Rather.