A Stupid Dummy. Also, a Straw Man.

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A Stupid Dummy. Also, a Straw Man.
A Stupid Dummy. Also, a Straw Man.

As you work your way through Doubt Man's level, you find a hallway blocked by a straw dummy.

A big, intimidating straw dummy. You're probably going to have to turn back. Unless you think there's a chance you can beat it.

It's just a dummy.
  • With less than 100 damage:

You swat at the dummy ineffectually. You knew this would happen. You knew that if an obstacle had 100 hit points, that you'd only be able to deal X damage.

You always fail. Always.

You just barely manage to swat the dummy out of your way and clear your path foward[sic]. If the dummy was capable of feeling surprise, he'd be as surprised as you are by your success.


You smash the dummy into next week. It comes back from next week with a gift from your future self!

Flickerpixel.gifYou acquire an item: flickering pixel

It's too big. I can't do it.

No sense in embarrassing yourself with another failure.

Occurs in Doubt Man's Level.


  • The flickering pixel can only be collected once per account. The option will disappear in subsequent encounters.
  • Choosing the option "It's too big. I can't do it." does not consume an adventure.
  • Only bonus physical damage counts. Elemental damage and Bonus Ranged Damage do not help.
  • The X in the fail message reflects how much weapon damage you currently possess.