A Stone Shrine

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A Stone Shrine
A Stone Shrine

There's a little stone shrine here dedicated to Horus, the god of hunting and warfare. Actually, since its purpose is to protect you from hunters and the warlike, it's really more of an antishrine.

By smashing it, you can reject this protection and become one of Horus' hunters yourself. As you've probably guessed, it is basically the underworld equivalent of a Hippy Stone.

Smash that Shrine

You shatter the Magical Mystical Hippy Stone. I mean, Antishrine of Horus or whatever.


Occurs at The Underworld.


  • The Stone Shrine acts in the same fashion as a Magical Mystical Hippy Stone:
    • An unshattered Stone Shrine inhibits all PvP activity. You may not attack other players and other players may not attack you.
    • If you choose to smash your Stone Shrine, this restriction is removed and you may attack other players and other players may attack you.