A Speakeasy

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For the location on the Wrong Side of the Tracks, see Oliver's Place.
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Is there some pattern for the yellow password, or do you have to bruteforce it?
A Speakeasy

A Speakeasy is located in the Clan VIP Lounge after a Clan speakeasy has been used.

When "Used"

You step into the phone booth. The phone rings, and you answer it. "Welcome, Sir/Madam," says the voice on the other end, the voice of a posh respectable gentleman. "Please consult the phone book and tell me what you'd like."

You open the book, and sure enough, it's a cocktail menu.

(You can have X more drinks from the speakeasy today.)

Milk.gif glass of "milk" 250 Meat
Coffeecup.gif cup of "tea" 250 Meat
Thermos.gif thermos of "whiskey" 250 Meat
Fruity.gif Lucky Lindy 500 Meat
Martini.gif Bee's Knees 500 Meat
Rocks.gif Sockdollager 500 Meat
Chamfluteu.gif Ish Kabibble 500 Meat
Rocks f.gif Hot Socks 5,000 Meat
Hurricane.gif Phonus Balonus 10,000 Meat
Celloshot.gif Flivver 20,000 Meat
Fruitym.gif Sloppy Jalopy 100,000 Meat
Tell the bartender a drink password:
Speak, Easily!

  • Giving a correct password:
"Very good, Sir/Madam, very good." says the voice on the other end of the phone. A panel opens and an updated "phone book" is deposited in the booth.

  • Giving an incorrect password:
"I'm quite sorry, but I'm sure I don't know what you mean." says the fancy voice, unable to conceal its fancy disappointment.

  • Attempting to unlock a drink already unlocked:
Your clan has already unlocked that drink.

  • Attempting to purchase a fourth+ drink (through URL manipulation, repeatedly clicking the button, etc.):
"<Madam>, this is a high-class establishment. I do believe you've had enough. Come back after you've... slept it off, as they say."

  • Attempting to purchase a drink when already overdrunk:
You've clearly had enough already.

You don't drink, don't drink.

  • Attempting to purchase a drink when in KOLHS:
We don't serve minors here, kid. Get lost.

  • Attempting to purchase a drink without enough meat on hand:
You can't afford that.

  • Attempting to purchase an invalid drink or a drink that does not exist:


  • Giving a correct password unlocks the associated drink for your entire clan. Locked drinks will not appear in the menu until their password has been given.
  • Giving an incorrect password disables the password entry box for 15 minutes. There is also clan-wide limit of about 100 guesses/day (needs spading).
  • All passwords, except "swordfish", are specific to a particular clan.
  • The password "swordfish" unlocks the Lucky Lindy.
  • The blue password to unlock the Bee's Knees can be found by doing the following:
  • The yellow password to unlock the Sockdollager can be found by equipping a detective skull. The password consists of four words, separated by a blank, which the skull will randomly state in yellow during combat.
    • The first word is always an adjective, but the other three seem to be in a completely random order.
  • The brown password to unlock the Ish Kabibble can be found by summoning the Friend of Gary, whose name can be learned by equipping Lord Spookyraven's ear trumpet and adventuring in The Cola Wars Battlefield (undisguised).
  • The red password to unlock the Hot Socks can be found by Resting:
    • The password is 11 characters long, all uppercase, with no repeating characters
    • Each person in the clan can rarely find a single letter (shown in red) by resting
    • All letters found will be in the password
    • A list of all the words that qualify can be found here. A tool that will tell you all possible words based on the letters found and what specific locations of those letters are known here.
    • The position of a character's red letter (e.g. 4 or 7) is the same across clans (but not necessarily across ascension).
  • The pink clan-specific password to unlock the Phonus Balonus is found occasionally when collecting Hooch at the Around the world adventure in The Time-Twitching Tower.
  • The orange password to unlock the Flivver is spoken by Hodgman, The Hoboverlord in orange during combat.
  • The purple, clan-specific 55-character password to unlock the Sloppy Jalopy can be found by piecing together many 5-character purple strings from 64735 scrolls.
    • By entering a clan with a fully known password, a player's string index (e.g. 1–5 or 13–17) can be found. This index is the same across clans (but not necessarily across ascension). This can reduce the number of codes needed to identify the full 55-character string.

Drink overview

Drink Potency Mus Mys Mox Adv Adv/drunk Cost Notes
glass of "milk" 1 87.5 0 0 2.5 2.5 250
Cup of "tea" 1 0 87.5 0 2.5 2.5 250
thermos of "whiskey" 1 0 0 87.5 2.5 2.5 250
Lucky Lindy 6 0 0 0 17-19? 2.83-3.17? 500 Gives intrinsic Lucky!
Bee's Knees 2 15 15 15 7 3.5 500 Gives effect On the Trolley (+100% all stats).
Sockdollager 2 0 0 0 7 3.5 500 Gives effect In a Lather (increases weapon and spell damage).
Ish Kabibble 2 0 0 0 7 3.5 500 Gives effect Feeling No Pain (increases damage and elemental resistance).
Hot Socks 3 0 0 0 12 4 5000 Gives effect Hip to the Jive (increases familiar weight and experience gain).
Phonus Balonus 3 0 0 0 12 4 10000 Grants 5 pvp fights in addition to the adventure gain.
Flivver 2 15 15 15 12.5 6.25 20000 Grants 50-90 Mana Points.
Sloppy Jalopy 5 30 30 30 20 4 100000 Gives the skill Hollow Leg (+1 maximum drunkenness).


  • You cannot consume more than 3 Speakeasy drinks in a single day.
  • Drinking a Speakeasy drink through a Schrödinger's thermos will not count against your limit of 3 drinks per day.


  • Drinks bought from a Speakeasy didn't show up in your consumption history during the first weeks after implementation. During the radio show on July 17, 2014 the Asymmetric team briefly expressed their surprise about this and it was fixed around the 20th of July 2014.
  • Speakeasy would think you are overdrunk (thus declining your purchases) if you had some liver capacity increases. This was fixed some time in 2018.