A Small, Bright Light

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A Small, Bright Light

A Small, Bright Light appears in The Nearby Plains south of The Misspelled Cemetary after Fernswarthy's grave is found during the Wizard of Ego quest if a player has never ascended and is at Level 4 or 5. Players at the same levels who have ascended at least once will see A Temporal Rift leading to The Nearby Plains in the Distant Past in its place. Once Level 6 is reached, a Scorch appears in its place.

There are two instances when A Small, Bright Light can be visible to someone who has already ascended.

  • As the first part of the Wizard of Ego quest can be completed before Level 4, a player with a primary base substat of 11 or 12 will encounter A Small, Bright Light instead of A Temporal Rift until the player has reached 13 in their primary base substat.
  • Alternatively, a player who has found the grave and then delevels below level 4 (by stuffing your body cavities with processed pork, for example) will see the twinkling lights until they reach level 4 again.

Clicking on it gives the following message:

How odd. There's a small, bright light here, hovering a few feet off the ground. You touch it, warily, but other than a tingly sensation in your hand, nothing happens. It almost seems like it was meant to be some kind of dimensional gate, but apparently whatever magic was used to create it didn't work properly.