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After completing the Orc Chasm Quest, Black Angus will inform you that Baron Rof L'm Fao, living in a valley in the Big Mountains, needs your help.


Plus.gif 334 scroll 334 scroll 30669 scroll 33398 scroll
Plus.gif 668 scroll 64067 scroll
Equals.gif 64735 scroll



While here, there's another useful scroll you might want to make. See the 31337 scroll.

Plus.gif 334 scroll 334 scroll  
Plus.gif 668 scroll 30669 scroll
Equals.gif 31337 scroll


This quest was formerly given by The Council of Loathing upon reaching level 9. On November 15, 2012, the new Orc Chasm Quest replaced it, and this quest became available at the end of that one.

Getting to the valley required these additional steps:

Council Text

On initial visit:

Adventurer! We've just received an urgent message from the Baron Rof L'm Fao. His Valley, beyond the Orc Chasm in the Big Mountains, has been invaded! You must help him!

On subsequent visits, before finding bridge:

The Baron Rof L'm Fao still needs your help, Adventurer! You can find his valley beyond the Orc Chasm, in the Big Mountains.
If you're having trouble getting past the Chasm, the pirates on the Mysterious Island of Mystery might have something that will help you.

On subsequent visits, after placing bridge:

Now that you've found your way into the Valley beyond the Orc Chasm, you'll have to find the gates of the Baron's keep. They're cleverly hidden, though. You'll need your wits and your arithmetic skills about you if you're going to find them.


  • Almost everything related to this quest is in 1337 (leet or elite) speak and other Internet slang.
  • The name Rof L'm Fao is a reference the Internet slang term "ROFLMFAO", which means "Rolling on the floor laughing my fat (or, rarely, f***ing) ass off".
  • 64735 is leet-speak for gates.
  • 31337 spells out "eleet", the chatspeak version of the word elite.
  • Try saying "Orc Chasm" out loud.