A Potted Meat Tree

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A Potted Meat Tree

A Potted Meat Tree is an optional furnishing for the Clan Rumpus Room's dusty corner. It may be installed for 200,000 Meat. It may be used once per day, when not in hardcore or ronin.

When "Used"

  • First use:
You pick a fair amount of fruit from the Meat tree.
Meat.gifYou gain 900 - 1,100 Meat.
  • Multiple uses or when in Hardcore or Ronin:
You try to pick some Meat from the tree, but it's fruitless. Both the tree and your efforts.


  • Both the name and the picture refer to the saying: money doesn't grow on trees.
  • The name is a sort of subtle pun: the tree is potted (in a pot), and perhaps the meat is potted (like the canned-meat "food product" produced by Armour and other brands).