A Pool Table (VIP Lounge)

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If you're looking for the pool table in The Typical Tavern, see A Pool Table (Typical Tavern).

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How is chance of success affected by Pool Skill?
A Pool Table

A Pool Table may be installed in your VIP Lounge by using a Clan pool table, which is bought from Mr. Store for 3 Mr. Accessories. You may choose 1 of the 3 playing styles 3 times per day. Like other once-a-day things, it may be used again after ascending.

Using the Pool Table

Poolscores.gif Pooltable2.gif Current Table Leader
  • If you're in charge of the table, or it's the first time the table has been used:
Looks like you're in charge of the table, having won the last game.
  • If a clanmate is in charge of the table:
Looks like your clanmate (player name) is charge of the table, having won the last (number) games in a row.


  • First 3 uses in one day:
Care to challenge him?

Play Aggressively
2ball.gifYou acquire an effect: Billiards Belligerence
(duration: 10 Adventures)
Play Strategically
9ball.gifYou acquire an effect: Mental A-cue-ity
(duration: 10 Adventures)
Play Stylishly
8ball.gifYou acquire an effect: Hustlin'
(duration: 10 Adventures)
  • Message for winning:
    You skillfully defeat (player) and take control of the table. Go you!
  • Message for playing yourself:
    You play a game of pool against yourself. Unsurprisingly, you win! Inevitably, you lose.
  • Message for losing:
    Try as you might, you are unable to defeat (player). Ah well. You gave it your best.
  • Message for winning a challenge:
    (player) challenged you to a game of pool, but you won and retained control of the table.
  • Message for losing a challenge:
    (player) challenged you to a game of pool, and beat you!
  • After the 3rd use in one day:
    You've already played quite a bit of pool today, so you just watch with your hands in your pockets.
  • Message for trying to play pool after the 3rd use in one day:
    You're kind of pooled out for today. Maybe you'll be in the mood to play again tomorrow.


  • The image beside the pool table is the current avatar of the person in charge of the table.
  • Your success at the table is affected by your Pool Skill.


  • The message you get after playing for the third time in one day is probably a reference to the slang term "pocket pool".
Effects From Playing Pool
Strategy Effect Name Effect
2ball.gif Play aggressively Billiards Belligerence Weapon Damage +50%
+5 to Familiar Weight
9ball.gif Play strategically Mental A-cue-ity +50% Spell Damage
Regenerate 10 MP per Adventure
8ball.gif Play stylishly Hustlin' +50% Combat Initiative
+10% Item Drops from Monsters