A Peppermint Patch

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A Peppermint Patch is a crop that appears in the garden at your Campground once you use a Peppermint Pip Packet‎.

When "Used"

You pick every last peppermint sprout out of your garden.
Pep sprout.gifYou acquire some peppermint sprouts
You uproot the giant candy cane.
Pep bigcane.gifYou acquire an item: giant candy cane


  • The patch grows three peppermint sprouts every day, but will produce different kinds of peppermint products if you are willing to wait for them.
    • On day one, the patch yields 3 peppermint sprouts.
    • On days two through four, the patch yields 6-12 sprouts, respectively.
    • On day five, the 12 sprouts are replaced with a giant candy cane, presumably the last item that grows in the patch (confirmed through day 43).
  • The patch can be planted but is invisible and inaccessible to players in Bad Moon before freeing King Ralph. The above growth sequence will still run normally in the meantime.
  • The patch will reset to having 3 harvestable sprouts after Ascension.

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