A Moot Adventure

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A Moot Adventure

You're shushing down the slopes of Large Donkey Mountain, looking stylish and half-frozen, when you're distracted by a sexy ski bunny. I mean, who knew bunnies could ski? And why are they so very sexy when they do? These are the thoughts that run through your mind as your body runs through a grove of trees, eventually colliding with one.

Fortunately, this is a grove of sentient trees overseen by a friendly hipster Ent known as ForestGoatee. He takes you back to his cave, gives you some java and Quisp cereal, and lets you check your mail on the Enternet. You leave refreshed and feeling more hip for the time spent in his company.

AdventuresYou lose 3 Adventures.
Meat.gifYou spent 500 Meat.
You gain X Sarcasm.
Shorescrip.gifYou acquire an item: Shore Inc. Ship Trip Scrip

Occurs at Large Donkey Mountain Ski Resort.


  • Stats gained from this adventure are based on your level.


  • The title of this adventure refers to the "Entmoot", which is a gathering of the Ents in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books. The ents are the guardians of the forests.
  • "ForestGoatee" is a play on "Treebeard".
  • "Enternet" is, of course, a play on "Internet"