A Moment of Reflection

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A Moment of Reflection
A Moment of Reflection

You pull out the reflection of a map and take a moment to reflect on it.

It's becoming more and more transparent by the minute -- if you're going to follow it somewhere, you'd better do so in a hurry before it disappears completely.

The Field of Strawberries

(Leads to one of three adventures, depending on class: The Field of Strawberries (Seal Clubber) makes Walrus ice cream available as a Seal Clubber, The Field of Strawberries (Pastamancer) makes eggman noodles available as a Pastamancer, otherwise The Field of Strawberries yields yellow matter custard)

The Caucus Racetrack

(Leads to one of three adventures, depending on class: A Caucus Racetrack (Sauceror) makes Vial of jus de larmes available as a Sauceror, A Caucus Racetrack (Accordion Thief) makes missing wine available as an Accordion Thief, otherwise The Caucus Racetrack yields delicious comfit?)

The Croquet Grounds

(Leads to one of three adventures, depending on class: The Croquet Grounds (Turtle Tamer) makes beautiful soup available as a Turtle Tamer, The Croquet Grounds (Disco Bandit) makes Lobster qua Grill available as a Disco Bandit, otherwise fight a croqueteer for a croquet hedgehog or flamingo mallet)

The Duchess' Cottage

(Exchange all five courses of the meal for an Ittah bittah hookah)

The Great Big Chessboard

(Play a puzzle for a chess cookie)

Put the map away

You fold the reflection of the map back up (backwards) and put it back in your sack.

Occurs upon use of a reflection of a map.


  • Choosing "Put the map away" does not consume the item.
  • Uses one adventure unless "put away".
Duchess' Feast Ingredients
Class Item Reflection choice
Seal Clubber Rricecream.gif walrus ice cream Field of Strawberries
Turtle Tamer Soupbowl.gif beautiful soup Croquet Grounds
Pastamancer Eggnoodles.gif eggman noodles* Field of Strawberries
Sauceror Potion2.gif Vial of jus de larmes* Caucus Racetrack
Disco Bandit Lobstertail.gif Lobster qua Grill Croquet Grounds
Accordion Thief Missingwine.gif missing wine Caucus Racetrack
*eggman noodles and vial of jus de larmes must be cooked together to create Humpty Dumplings