A Miner Variation

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A Miner Variation
A Miner Variation

Clancy stands stock-still in the middle of the Knob Shaft, his ears twirling back and forth as he takes in all the sounds. There's the pop of a pick hitting bubblewrap ore, the squinch of styrofoam, and the clumpf of cardboard. Mixed in are the songs of the miners themselves, songs handed down from generation to generation, most of which have "Ow, I put my stupid pickaxe through my foot again" as a refrain.

"Are you sufficiently inspired, good Clancy?" you ask.

"Indeed," says Clancy. "If I do not write more songs and entertain thee, thou mightst condemn me to actual physical labor, like these poor goblins. There is no more powerful motivator for an artist than the fear of a good day's work."

By the time you reach the light at the end of the Shaft, Clancy's humming some new tunes.

Clancy gains a level!

Occurs at the Knob Shaft.