A Menacing Phantom

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A Menacing Phantom
A Menacing Phantom

As you're passing beneath an ominous dead tree in the Misspelled Cemetary, you notice a ghostly figure passing beneath a different ominous dead tree nearby. You decide to follow this menacing phantom, just to see what he's up to.

He disappears into a smallish mausoleum with an inscription above the door reading "LUCAS", and when you go in after him, he's nowhere to be found. All that you find inside is a stone slab with two glass jars atop it.

On the slab is an inscription: "Here lies our once-beloved Lucas. He was dead to us the moment he conceived of these two jars."

One of the jars is empty, but the other is rattling around like something with something awesome in it. You pocket it and leave the mausoleum.

Moonshine.gifYou acquire an item: poltergeist-in-the-jar-o

Occurs at the The Unquiet Garves and The VERY Unquiet Garves, semi-rarely.


  • This is a reference to the movie Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and the reaction of disappointed fans with the new character, Jar-Jar Binks (see the adventure image name), and thus the movie's creator, George Lucas.
    • Arguably, even the adventure image itself bears some resemblance to the character of Jar-Jar: bulbous eyes mounted atop the head, and a wide, eerie grin.