A Man in Black

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
A Man in Black
A Man in Black

As you round a bend in a path, you come across a strange man -- a man dressed in black robes, carrying a black guitar case.

"Excuse me," you say, "I'm looking for the Bla-"

"I know what you seek," says the Man in Black, "and as sure as night is dark and day is light, this will lead you to it." He hands you a map.

You examine the map, and the Man in Black chuckles. "Keep your eyes wide open, all the time," he continues, "for the path is fraught with peril. And you cannot reach the Black Market by walking the line -- you must go there as the crow flies."

"As the crow flies? What does that mean?" you ask, but it's too late -- the Man in Black has already vanished.

Map.gifYou acquire an item: black market map

Occurs at The Black Forest (one time adventure).


  • This occurs as a regular noncombat.
  • It also can be found as a superlikely adventure with the sole condition that 11 turns have been spent in The Black Forest.


  • The man in black references Johnny Cash, the singer/songwriter often known as "the Man in Black". The lines "as sure as night is dark and day is light", "keep your eyes wide open, all the time", and the mention of "walking the line" are all references to the Johnny Cash song "Walk The Line".