A Lonely Crimbo Elf

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
A Lonely Crimbo Elf

A Lonely Crimbo Elf was located in the center of The Big Mountains during the Crimboween season of 2006.

A Lonely Crimbo Elf Applejohn Pipeswaddler, the Lonely Crimbo Elf
  • On first visit:
As you're walking around the Big Mountains, looking for Crimbo Town, you notice a sad, sniffling little Crimbo Elf. He spots you, and says, "Man, this is ridiculous. I never dreamed something like this could happen? It's almost Crimbo time, and where's Uncle Crimbo? He's been bewitched, I tell you, bewitched by that evil Scream Queen. It's like a bad dream, man."
"I thought she banished him to a dreamy desert island," you say.
"Oh yeah, banished, sure. Nah, she scrambled his brain with some weird spell! He's on a dream vacation. He doesn't even remember that he's Uncle Crimbo. He's going to luaus and wearing brightly-colored shorts, living the dream, and meanwhile the Scream Queen's taking over Crimbo. You've got to find the three magical things that will remind him who he is."
"You mean, like, candy canes and gingerbread?"
The elf laughs. "You don't know him very well, do you?"
"Where should I start?" you ask.
"I wouldn't dream of telling you that," the elf replies.
  • On subsequent visits:
"Please find Uncle Crimbo! We need his guidance!"


  • After receiving the first Crimboween nightmare, A Lonely Crimbo Elf disappears.
  • When you ascend, if you do not have an available punch in your Spooky Advent Calendar, A Lonely Crimbo Elf will not appear.


  • In the adventure game Discworld II, Death gets lost and can be found hanging out on a tropical island, having forgotten he's Death.