A Little Pump and Grind

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A Little Pump and Grind

It looks like your grinder needs 111 of the 111 required units of filling to make a sausage. Your grinder reads "0" units.


You stuff your <item> into the magical sausage grinder, which makes a loud and terrible noise, followed by a little ding! as the filling counter increments by X. I sure hope that thing wasn't important to you. No refunds!

Fill a magical sausage casing!
You currently have W magical sausage casings.

With no casings:

You push the button on your magical sausage grinder, but it magically detects that you don't have a magical sausage casing, and it refrains from spraying magical sausage filling all over your shoes and the floor. This feature may be the single most magical thing about it.


You put your sausage grinder to work, and discover how the sausage is made. It's made by filling a sausage casing stolen from a goblin with ground-up random items, I guess?


You put a sausage casing over your grinder's output tube (just like they showed you in health class), and push the button. There's a sort of schlorp noise, and now you're the proud owner of a large, greasy, presumably magical sausage.


You push the button on your magic sausage grinder and fill a sausage casing with... well, "sausage filling". I sure hope these sausages really are magical, because I don't see how they could possibly be edible otherwise.

Saugrindsausage.gifYou acquire an item: magical sausage


Occurs when clicking the "grind" link on the Kramco Sausage-o-Matic™.


  • The required units starts at 111, every subsequent sausage adds 111. Resets at Rollover.
  • The drop-down list has all of your PvPable items.
  • Grinding an item produces units equal to its autosell value.
  • Your accumulated units reset on ascension.