A Kingly Reward

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A Kingly Reward
A Kingly Reward

You stagger through the streets of Seaside Town, giggling drunkenly at your fellow revelers. You trip on a sleeping reveler who has become completely unreveled, and stumble forward. You spin around a couple of times and fall through a velvet curtain onto a little stage.

"Hey, I didn't notish thish here before," you mutter. You're on a platform in front of a rowdy group of party people wearing masks and draped with beads. A guy wearing a purple mask leaps nimbly onto the stage beside you.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe we have our winner! Hail to the King!" he says, and places a tattered paper crown on your head.

"I wha--? Who?"

"Every year, we pick the person with the most frightening mask to be our King of Morons! Yes, even if it's a girl! Congratulations!"

You turn around and stagger off the stage before someone notices you're not wearing a mask. I mean, wow -- you never win anything!

Papercrown.gifYou acquire an item: tattered paper crown

Occurred during St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stupor on St. Sneaky Pete's Day XV - XVIII.



  • This adventure is a reference to The Hunchback of Notre Dame where Quasimodo is proclaimed the "king of fools" because he was thought to be wearing an ugly mask.