A Heist!

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A Heist!

<familiar name> looks around to make sure nobody is listening, then whispers, "Okay pal, what're ya in the market for?" He shows you a list of potential targets:

(X more heists available)

From a <monster name>:

<various items>
<name> scampers away into the shadows. After a time you hear sirens in the distance and he reappears and stuffs something into your pack. "Play it cool," he mutters to you.
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]


<name> disappears into the night. A little later, about thirty cop cars race past with their sirens screaming. After the noise has faded, <name> pokes his head out from around a corner and asks if the coast is clear.
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]


<name> slinks away, and reappears a short time later. He looks around and whispers, "You didn't see nothin', you didn't hear nothin', you don't even know me," while slipping you an item.
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]


Occurs when clicking "heist time!" when viewing an active Cat Burglar familiar in your terrarium once you've built up a heist.

Heist Targets

  • The Cat Burglar can heist most non-conditional drops, though there are a few exceptions. The list of targets updates every time the player resolves a combat adventure.
  • Only the three most recent monsters (NOT kinds of monsters!) encountered will be shown as available targets. Duplicate monsters are not shown and will remove the earlier monsters from the list.
    • For example, if a player encounters 1 Procrastination Giant, followed by 1 drunken half-orc hobo, and 14 erudite gremlins, the Procrastination Giant will be an available target until the second erudite gremlin is encountered. After a third erudite gremlin is encountered, the drunken half-orc hobo will also be removed, and the list will only show erudite gremlin as the only option.
  • Helpfully, duplicate drops from the same monster are shown.
    • A mountain man will show all 6 of its ores as eligible targets, even though each ore is listed twice.
  • Even combat encounters with monsters with no drops, or no eligible drops will count against the heist target list, potentially resulting in a list that shows zero targets.
    • For example, after adventuring in The Sea, the heist list will be empty if the player encountered at least three different sea monsters, because no monsters from The Sea are eligible heist targets.
  • A player does not have to win the fight in order for the monster to be added to the target list, however, the combat must properly resolve (win, lose, run away/banish).
  • Combats are not considered to have properly resolved if the combat is ended via a Rollover Runaway or by Using the Force.
  • During fights in which the monster changes (eg Macrometeorite), the second monster becomes a heist target, unless that combat is not properly resolved, in which case neither monster is added.
  • Executing a heist does not remove the target from the list, which means players can perform multiple heists on the same monster without having to encounter it again. This can be very useful for questing; for example The Hidden Bowling Alley can be completed very quickly, as the player only needs to encounter one pygmy bowler to be able to steal enough bowling balls to battle the bowling ball spirit.

Heist-able Items

Notably Non-Heist-able Items

There are some whole classes of items which cannot be stolen:


  • Multiple heists can be performed between adventures. Performing a heist does not alter the list of available monster targets or their available stealable items. There is no limit to the number of heists that can be performed at one time aside from the number of heists the familiar has stored up.
  • Monsters on the target list which were encountered in a disguise-locked area (such as The F'c'le) can still be the target of a heist even if the player is no longer wearing the requisite disguise, gameplay and narrative separation be damned.
  • Transcendent Olfaction does not combine with the Cat Burglar's skill in any meaningful way because monsters cannot be sniffed until they are encountered, at which point they are added to the target list (if eligible) anyway and do not need to be re-encountered for multiple heists.