A Heapigng Helpigng of Melvign

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A Heapigng Helpigng of Melvign
A Heapigng Helpigng of Melvign

Suddenly, you have a brilliant idea. Why are you wasting time sorting through all the packages in this warehouse, when all of the other people involved in the business have built robots to do that kind of menial work?

"Nearest available packer robot! Report!" you shout. A packer robot hovers up. "Packer robot, search packages, searchid = 'Melvign.'"

"SYNTAX ERROR," the robot responds.

"Okay, search packages where addressfield = 'Melvign;'" you try.

"SEARCHING, the bot says, and hovers away. In a few minutes, it comes back with Melvign's package! Sweet! You open it and pull out the weird garment that's inside.

Btee3.gifYou acquire an item: Professor What garment

Occurs at The Thinknerd Warehouse.


  • Occurs on the 22nd adventure in the zone.