A Fungible Fun Experience

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A Fungible Fun Experience
A Fungible Fun Experience

You walk into the Fun Guy mansion, a once-elegant palacial manor now fallen into disrepair. It was once the home of Guy Fun, who made a fortune with his Fun Guy magazine. Fun Guy magazine appealed to intellectuals and appreciators of aesthetics alike, with insightful articles and photos of scantily (or not at all) clad women.

In his later years, Guy grew crazy and reclusive, endlessly searching for the perfect model, rejecting the most beautiful women for the slightest of imperfections.

Rumor has it that his reckless quest for artificial beauty standards led to his creation of artificial, mushroom-based life forms, and he was frequently seen in public with a cadre of slightly gray, flawlessly proportioned beauties.

But that was many, many years ago. The mushroom women have combined and recombined, their spores mingling with the nasty fungal infections in hot tubs and grottoes, and what remains is more deadly than sexy.

Unless, for some reason, you've got an athlete's foot fetish. We're not here to judge.

Occurs on your first adventure in The Fun-Guy Mansion.


  • Does not take an adventure.


  • Fungible is a real word that means "exchangeable".