A Folded-Up Map on the Floor

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A Folded-Up Map on the Floor is in the Clan Basement when it is first opened. It can unfolded for 1,000,000 Meat (paid from your Clan Coffer), and becomes Dreadsylvania.

There's a dusty old map on the floor, written in some language you've never seen before.

  • With correct clan privileges:

Luckily, there's a business card on the floor nearby for a map-unfolding company.

McRipoff's Totally Effective
Unfolding, Inc.

No job is too small, no crease is too stiff.

Just 1,000,000 Meat

Make the Call (1,000,000 Meat)
  • With too little Meat in coffer:
There's not enough Meat in your Clan Coffer to cover that repair.
  • With sufficient Meat in coffer:
You make the call, and an expert unfolder arrives to make topological sense of the map for you. It appears to be a map of a place called Dreadsylvania, and it also appears to be a magical portal to a place called Dreadsylvania. Hooray!