A Fledgling Pirate Is You!

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A Fledgling Pirate Is You!
A Fledgling Pirate Is You!

You report back to the Cap'm, a little grimy from doing all the chores he requested. Since you're standing next to a grimy pirate, though, you look positively clean by comparison.

The Cap'm inspects the rigging, cannonballs, and mizzenmasts, then turns and slaps you on the back. "This be the cleanest rigging, the most well-swabbed mizzenmast, and the shiniest balls I've ever seen!" he says. After you all stop giggling, he continues: "You deserve a share of me booty for doing the work so well. Well, maybe I should just give ye some meat instead. Anyway, ye truly be worthy to be a full-fledged member of me crew. Here are your decorative fledges -- wear them with pride! You now have access to the entire ship. Except for my private quarters, of course, unless you buy me a few drinks first."

Meat.gifYou gain 3,000 Meat.
Fledges.gifYou acquire an item: pirate fledges

Occurs at the F'c'le.


  • In a Way of the Surprising Fist ascension, although other adventures and sources of Meat have minor changes to their text, this adventure reads exactly the same--it just doesn't reward the player with any Meat.