A Few Screws Loose

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A Few Screws Loose
A Few Screws Loose

You see Yossarian sitting on a busted-up old mattress, applying duct tape to a deflated life raft. You clear your throat until he looks up at you.

"Ah," he says, "I see you've found my molybdenum screwdriver. I can't work on these machines anymore, though -- watching the horrors of this war has made me want to really do something with my life. So I'm going to put on a hospital robe and paddle this life raft off into the sunset, thereby becoming a poignant metaphor of something or other.

I need to get rid of my wealth before I go, though, so I'll give you some Meat for the screwdriver. Thanks!"

Since you don't have any more screws to drive, you gladly hand over the screwdriver.

Meat.gifYou gain 1,500 Meat.

Occurs at The Junkyard (Post-War).



  • Refers to the ending of Catch-22, where Yossarian paddles off in the lifeboat.