A Festering Powder

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A Festering Powder
A Festering Powder

This room doesn't have much in it, but next to the door leading downstairs sits a curious-looking machine. It's got a giant plastic head on it -- the head of a guy with no hair and completely white skin. Underneath the head is a sign reading "Can you handle this power? I don't think you can handle this power."

Underneath that is a pair of cylindrical metal handles. They look very grabbable.

Grab the Handles

You grab the handles, and electricity starts to flow through you.

MPYou lose X Mana Points.
  • If all your MP is drained:
    Drained, you slump away.
  • If you have any MP left:
    That was brisk! As the tingling in your arms begins to fade, the door silently swings open, clearing the way to the next floor of the basement.

Occurs at Fernswarthy's Basement.



  • The title of this adventure and its description are references to Uncle Fester from The Addams Family and the movie Powder.
  • The machine itself is reminiscent of certain coin-operated fairground attractions, where a current is passed through the arms of the user via two handle shaped electrodes, often branded with Uncle Fester from the Addams family.