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A Fax Machine is located in the Clan VIP Lounge after a deluxe fax machine has been used.

When "Used"

You approach the fax machine. Loathing wells up within you and fear clutches at your heart... What do you want to do?

Receive a Fax

You notice the fax machine ringing, so you wait for the incoming fax. It turns out to just be a blank sheet of paper, so you throw it away.

You hear the fax machine ringing, so you walk up to it to see what's coming in. The top half of a document prints out, but then the stupid thing jams and starts beeping at you.

You get the jam cleared and hit a bunch of buttons trying to get it to continue, but all you manage to do is print out a copy of the last thing somebody tried to fax out. Oh well.

Photocopy.gifYou acquire an item: photocopied monster

You sit for a while waiting for an important fax, but one doesn't show up. It's probably just as well. The infernal machine probably wouldn't have worked, anyway.

The stupid broken fax machine just spits out another blank sheet of paper.

  • If player has already fought a faxed monster today:

You get nauseated just thinking about the smell of copier toner. You don't think you can handle another one of these things today.

Boris didn't trust technology. You don't trust it either.

Jarlsberg was more into magic than technology.

Have you ever seen a cool person use a fax machine? I didn't think so.

Send a Fax

You pop your photocopy into the tray, dial the number (you know, the number of the person you're trying to fax this to) and press SEND.

You hear a dial tone, followed by some beeps, followed by a recorded voice telling you you needed to dial 9 first.

You try again, dialing 9 this time. You hear another dial tone (actually, it's technically the same dial tone as before) followed by some beeps, then some screeching, then silence. Your photocopy slowly slides into the machine and a little LCD readout flashes '1/1 PG MEMORY'

You have no idea what that means. Did your fax get sent? Is it going to be sent later? You feel anger well up inside you, and decide it's probably a good idea to leave the VIP Lounge before you take a golf club to that stupid machine.

How it Works

  1. A player uses a portable photocopier on a monster. (The player can also use the photocopier from inventory to get a copy of their butt).
  2. The player goes to a clan which has a fax machine.
  3. The player puts the photocopied monster they got from the portable photocopier into the fax machine. This gets rid of the photocopied monster that the player had.
  4. Any number of players may now "Receive" the monster that was put into the fax machine. There is no limit on the number of times the monster can be taken out of the machine.
  5. If another player puts in a different photocopied monster, the original will be overwritten and destroyed.
  • Note that this allows the player that put the monster in originally to immediately get the same monster back out.
  • The fax machine may be used in Hardcore and Ronin, but not as Avatar of Boris, Avatar of Jarlsberg, Avatar of Sneaky Pete, or in Bad Moon.
  • It is possible to fight a photocopied monster while falling-down drunk.


There are player-created FaxBots that will service requests for faxes. In order to use FaxBot, it needs to be added to a clan's whitelist first. Each FaxBot should respond quickly (under 30 seconds) and put the monster into your clan's fax machine, which you may then pull out of the machine and use at your discretion.


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