A Dash of Boulder

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A Dash of Boulder
A Dash of Boulder

In the Dungeon of Doom, you encounter a hallway blocked by a huge boulder. You push and push and push, but eventually reach a dead end, at which point you have to just turn around and leave.

You'll always wonder what was at the end of that corridor.

You gain 21 Beefiness.

Occurs at The Dungeons of Doom.


  • The adventure title and text refers to the video game Boulder Dash, in which your character pushed boulders around. It also may refer to the common exclamation "Balderdash!"
  • This adventure also references a common situation in NetHack. Pushing boulders often blocks corridors. If the player pushes a boulder into a corner or dead end, they are difficult to push back out, and anything underneath or beyond the boulder's position becomes somewhat inaccessible.
  • In addition, pushing boulders in NetHack can cause a player's Strength score to increase.
  • Technically, an apostrophe does not represent a boulder in NetHack; a grave accent (`) does, while an apostrophe represents a golem.