A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 2

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A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 2
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 2

This is the second chapter of the serialized novel 'A Crimbo Carol.' It's the story of Ebenoozer Screege, a miserly old man who is visited by six extremely contrived ghosts over the course of a Crimbo evening.

(Meat Pasting component)
Type: usable
Grants Skill: Jingle Bells
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: copies of A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 2)
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Item number: 4355
Description ID: 200012650
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Crimbo Cartel (1,000 Crimbux as Turtle Tamer)

When Used

This chapter tells about a ghost who takes Ebenoozer on a sleigh ride, culminating in a scene where the ghost drunkenly does donuts on the front lawn of an elementary school.
You acquire a skill: Jinglebells.gif Jingle Bells
Book3.gifYou acquire an item: A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 2 (used)



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Crimbo Carols

Carol Class Skill Category Effect
Book3.gif A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 1 Seal Clubber Holiday Weight Gain Noncombat skill A Few Extra Pounds: +5*Lvl HP (max +55)
Book3.gif A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 2 Turtle Tamer Jingle Bells Buff Jingle Jangle Jingle: Familiar will act more often in combat
Book3.gif A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 3 Pastamancer Candyblast Combat skill Deals X damage. Drops candy.
Book3.gif A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 4 Sauceror Surge of Icing Combat skill Deals X physical damage, extra with Sugar Rush.
Book3.gif A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 5 Disco Bandit Stealth Mistletoe Combat skill Doubles the deleveling effect of all subsequent Disco Bandit combat skills.
Book3.gif A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 6 Accordion Thief Cringle's Curative Carol Buff Cringle's Curative Carol: Regenerate 5-10 HP per Adventure