A Couch Next To A Jar

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A Couch Next To A Jar

A Couch Next To A Jar is a furnishing located at your Campground. It appears after using one of the jars of pyschoses obtained by using a psychoanalytic jar on certain NPCs. It allows you to enter an area based on the patient's pyschoses. You can only have one jar in use at a time; the couch and jar disappear at rollover.

All areas within these jars contain either a unique sword or the parts for creating one. Those swords can only be crafted once per player. Discovering them on your own can be pretty tricky.

NPC Jar Used Area Unlocked Area Reset Unique Sword
The Meatsmith jar of psychoses (The Meatsmith) The Meatsmith's Brainspace Rollover Meatcleaver‎
The Captain of the Gourd jar of psychoses (The Captain of the Gourd) The Captain of the Gourd's Psychoses Rollover Truthsayer
The Pretentious Artist jar of psychoses (The Pretentious Artist) The Pretentious Artist's Obsession Rollover Ginsu™
The Old Man jar of psychoses (The Old Man) The Old Man's Past Rollover (if zone is complete) Bloodbath
The Crackpot Mystic jar of psychoses (The Crackpot Mystic) The Crackpot Mystic's Psychoses pixel pill (makes area harder) or Ascension Byte
The Suspicious-Looking Guy jar of psychoses (The Suspicious-Looking Guy) The Suspicious-Looking Guy's Shady Past Ascension White Dragon Fang‎
Jick jar of psychoses (Jick) Jick's Obsessions Never Sword of Procedural Generation
Jungman.gif Angry Jung Man's Psychoanalysis
Analjar empty.gif psychoanalytic jar A Couch Next To A Jar
NPC Jar Zone Sword
The Captain of the Gourd Analjar full.gif
Captain of the Gourd
The Captain of the Gourd's Psychoses Truthseeker.gif
The Crackpot Mystic Analjar full.gif
Crackpot Mystic
The Crackpot Mystic's Psychoses Byte.gif
Jick Analjar full.gif
Jick's Obsessions Pcgsword.gif
Sword of Procedural Generation
The Meatsmith Analjar full.gif
The Meatsmith's Brainspace Meatcleaver.gif
The Old Man Analjar full.gif
Old Man
The Old Man's Past Bloodbath.gif
The Pretentious Artist Analjar full.gif
Pretentious Artist
The Pretentious Artist's Obsession Ginsu.gif
The Suspicious-Looking Guy Analjar full.gif
Suspicious-Looking Guy
The Suspicious-Looking Guy's Shady Past Whitefang.gif
White Dragon Fang