A Comfy Sofa

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A Comfy Sofa

A Comfy Sofa is an optional furnishing which sits on the rug in the Clan Rumpus Room. It may be installed for 100,000 Meat. Clan members may spend adventures resting here, gaining HP and MP.

When "Used"

  • Before snoozing:
Man oh man, does that sofa look comfy. A nap on that thing would probably be really, really refreshing.
(textbox to enter a number) Adventure(s)
Snooze Away
  • After snoozing:
You take a nap on the comfy sofa.
HPYou gain X hit points.
MPYou gain X Mana Points.
  • If your clan does not have a sofa (e.g. if another member replaced it with something else in the meanwhile):
You try to rest on the sofa, but there's no sofa there, so you just fall onto the floor and hurt your head.
HPYou lose 5 hit points.


  • The HP and MP restored by the comfy sofa are equal to (Current Level multiplied by 5) ± 1 (possibly 2).
  • The sofa may be used even during hardcore and ronin.
  • The comfy blanket, Pagoda, and Stat Days do not affect the HP or MP gains from resting on this sofa.