A Chewy Encounter (Jabañero)

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A Chewy Encounter
A Chewy Encounter

As you wander the dirty back alleys of BorderTown, wondering if you should have a tequila or seven before you go back north of the border, you are accosted by a little kid selling chewing gum.

"¿Quieres chicle?" He asks.

You start to pull out your wallet to help the kid out, but you're interrupted by a big orcish tourist. She has an unkempt mop of blond hair and a shirt that looks like some couch is now wandering around naked.

"Isn't this tragic?" She says, sobbing and staring at something you can't see. "This young man is reduced to selling chewing gum on the street to support himself. But for less than the price of a cup of herbal tea a day, you can help this young man trade up to hard candy, and someday hell ramen."

The kid walks up to the orcish lady. "¿Quieres chicle, Señora?" He asks.

"Go away and quit bothering me, kid," she says, then turns back to stare at a fixed point in front of her again. "Yes, call today and give generously..." she says. You buy some of the kid's gum and wander off shaking your head.

Chicle.gifYou acquire an item: jabañero-flavored chewing gum
Meat.gifYou lose 30 Meat.

Occurs at South of The Border.


  • The large, badly-dressed orcish woman is probably a thinly-disguised parody of Sally Struthers. This adventure parodies her commercials for the Christian Children's Fund, a charity organization that helps starving children in third-world countries.