A Cave Rave, Dave

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A Cave Rave, Dave
A Cave Rave, Dave

Your tunneling ends abruptly as you break through into a vast underground cavern. It's lit by hundreds of glowing orbs and sticks that are held in the hands of hundreds of smiling people. They're all staring at a platform where a man stands in front of two turntables and a microphone. You look over to where it's at and listen in.

"My fellow ravers," he says. "Wow, my voice sounds amazing in here, doesn't it? It's like -- like I can almost hear the god form within me in the echoes. Anyway, I stand here tonight because I remember -- wow, the texture on these rocks is amazing! They're, like, so soft in their ruggedness, you know? Anyway, we are here to tell the machines that we are not afraid! And the best way to tell them that is to have an incredibly overlong, gratuitously sweaty, sexy dance scene! Tonight, let us make them remember that WE ARE NOT AFRAID!"

And with that, he gets to work on the turntables and grinds out a slinky electronic beat. The ravers dance in fatuous slow motion for a good three hours, and by the time you leave, the repetitive beat is firmly lodged in your cerebellum.

Glowstick.gifYou acquire an effect: Cravin' for a Ravin'
(duration: 5 Adventures)

Occurs at Mt. Molehill.


  • It is the result of landing on floors 2 through -2 on the first non-combat adventure.


  • The adventure name may refer to Trashfashion's song "It's a Rave, Dave"
  • This adventure references The Matrix Reloaded, particularly the scene where Morpheus gives a speech in a large cave in Zion, and the rather erotic dance sequence afterwards.
  • It also references the song "Where It's At" by Beck. The chorus of the song goes "Where it's at/I've got two turntables and a microphone."