A Caucus Racetrack (Sauceror)

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A Caucus Racetrack
A Caucus Racetrack

You wander down to the caucus racetrack. The participants are lining up down on the track, doing various improbable stretches to warm up. You see that the stands are packed with people -- well, various off-putting and absurd anthropomorphic animals -- waiting for the main event to start. As you head towards the starting line, though, something tingles deep in your brain. Somewhere off behind the stands there was a burst of magic, just now, and it was clearly potion-related.

Investigate the burst

You duck behind the stands and run smack into the ankle of a giant. But this isn't your average bearded, evil giant; this giant looks like a little blonde girl in a blue dress.

"Woah," you shout, "are you okay?"

"Do I look okay?" the girl says. "The bottle said "Drink Me" on the label, and so I drank it, and now just look at me!"

"Well, I'm glad the bottle didn't say "Break Me and Slit Your Wrists With the Broken Glass," you say. "Do you always do what strange bottles tell you to do?"

"You're making fun of me! You're so m-m-mean!" The giant girl starts to sob, huge salty tears falling and pooling around your feet, then your ankles, then your knees.

Just before you literally drown in tears -- like, literally -- you transfigure the salty water into a delicious salty sauce, making it viscuous[sic] enough that you can walk on it. Phew! You scoop some of the sauce into a spare vial before you get away from the crazy blonde giant.

Potion2.gifYou acquire an item: Vial of jus de larmes
Get to the Racetrack