A Caucus Racetrack (Accordion Thief)

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A Caucus Racetrack
A Caucus Racetrack

You wander down to the caucus racetrack. The participants are lining up down on the track, doing various improbable stretches to warm up. You see that the stands are packed with people-- well, various off-putting and absurd anthropomorphic animals -- waiting for the main event to start. You wonder if maybe you're a little too moxious to take part in the race itself; there don't seem to be any other accordion-toting badasses on the starting line.

Find a seat

You find an empty seat next to one of the patrons, an anthropomorphic pig. It looks like the pig's been out in the sun too long; the back of his neck is bright red.

"So," you say, "I've never been to one of these before. How does it work?"

"Whooo-eee!" the pig shouts. "It's the most excitin' thing you'll ever hope to see! They get on the track, and they wave a checkered flag, and then they go round and round and round and round and round and round for hours! The first one to go around five hundred times wins!"

"Sounds fascinating," you say, and then you get up and wander off. You end up at the White Rabbit's house, but no one seems to be home.

You sneak inside and find that nearly every flat surface is covered with bottles of liquor. Huh, so that's why he's late all the time.

You go to steal a bottle of wine, but something about the weird vibe of this place is throwing off your thief-y groove. You steal the wine so hard that you end up with a bottle full of wine that isn't there. Freaky, man.

Missingwine.gifYou acquire an item: missing wine
Head to the starting line