A Big Door

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.

This appears to be a large stone door, and in this case appearances are not particularly deceiving. Considering how these things generally work, your Nemesis is probably hiding behind there. However, the door is sealed tight and probably requires you to solve some sort of puzzle to open it, which is also how these things generally work.

The door bears a large engraved slogan, reading: SPEAK THE PASSWORD TO ENTER AND NO IT ISN'T "THE PASSWORD" GIVE ME SOME CREDIT GEEZ.

There is an expectant hush in the air, as though you're expected to say something. This could be an excellent opportunity to voice your opinion on any grievances you might have.

Speak the Password

With the wrong password

You talk to the door for a moment, feeling kind of foolish. Nothing much happens. By which I mean nothing at all happens.

With the correct password

You hear a loud *click ka-clunk* sort of noise as the door unlocks.

After entering the correct password, without any adventures left

You don't have time to be poking around behind large doors.

After entering the correct password, without your Legendary Epic Weapon equipped

You feel a dark foreboding as you approach the door. Maybe you should equip that Legendary Epic Weapon thing you did all that work to acquire, first.

After entering the correct password, with your Legendary Epic Weapon equipped

Fight your Nemesis

After entering the correct password, while Falling-down drunk

You should probably be sober for this.

After defeating your Nemesis

The door is locked tight. Plus, you've already fought your Nemesis here, so there's nothing else to see in there anyway.


  • The password is found by deciphering the 8 paper strips that drop in the Large Chamber.
  • The password is entered without spaces between the separate parts found on the paper strips. Capitalization does NOT matter.
  • The password is random for each player, so someone else's password is extremely unlikely to unlock your door.
  • The password is found by MATCHING UP the edges of the papers. This can easily be done by opening all eight item description windows and arranging them appropriately. Remember that the straight edges are not necessarily on the end.
  • Having a Disembodied Hand wield your Legendary Epic Weapon will count towards getting past the door. (Will only work for classes that have 1-handed LEWs, i.e. anything but Disco Bandits and Accordion Thieves.)


  • The slogan on the door may be a reference to the Doors of Durin from The Lord of the Rings, which have an inscription that the characters originally translate as "speak, friend, and enter" before realizing that it actually is meant to read "say 'friend' and enter".