A Big Block of Ice

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A Big Block of Ice
A Big Block of Ice

You encounter a giant ice cube. You can see a vaguely humanoid outline inside, but you can't make out any details.

Smash the block

You smash the block, which results in a big pile of ice chunks, bones, blood, and gold. You stop to wonder what might have been inside it that produced that combination of things.

Goldnug.gif+50-60 Gold!

additionally with cursed coffee cup equipped:

You scoop up some of the blood in your coffee cup and drink it.

HPYou gain 30 hit points.

With a torch equipped:

Melt the block with your torch

You melt the block, revealing a little kid. He grins and begins following you around.

Gain a Resourceful Kid buddy


You melt the block and release a perfectly-preserved ancient giant damselfly, who begins flying around you making kissy noises.

Gain a Damselfly buddy


You melt the ice block, revealing a helpful-looking guy. Grateful for release, he joins you.

Gain a Helpful Guy buddy


You melt the block, revealing a golden monkey. He smiles and winks at you before climbing up onto your shoulder.

Gain A Golden Monkey buddy

or if you already have a buddy:

You melt the outline, revealing a golden statue of a skinny spelunker, which you also melt.

Goldnug.gif+60-62 Gold!

Occurs at The Ice Caves.