A. W. O. L. commendation

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A. W. O. L. commendation
A. W. O. L. commendation

This token was awarded to you by the Air Warriors of Loathing for your efforts against Corman's invasion of Valhalla.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: A. W. O. L. commendations)
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Item number: 5116
Description ID: 542484240
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Skies over Valhalla
A Giant Swarm of Yeti-Mounted Skeletons (every 500th kill)
The Bonewall (every 500th kill)
A Massive Flying Battleship (every 500th kill)
A Supply Train (every 500th kill)
The Bone Star (every 500th kill)

When Used

  • Before May 13, 2011:
You take your commendations into the A. W. O. L. Tent, but they apparently haven't decided yet who's going to be the Quartermaster. Better just hang onto these until they get their act together.
  • Since May 13, 2011:

You walk into the A. W. O. L. tent and ask somebody where the Quartermaster is. They point to a bored-looking private sitting at a folding table.

You approach him and survey the goodies:

Potion1.gif Ultrasoldier Serum Aolcom.gif 1
Book.gif Field Guide to Skeletal Anatomy Aolcom.gif 5
Chestershades.gif Mirrored aviator shades Aolcom.gif 20
Aviatorcap.gif leather aviator's cap Aolcom.gif 50
Aol1.gif A. W. O. L. Tattoo Aolcom.gif 1

You have X A. W. O. L. commendations.

  • Trying to buy something you can't afford:

You don't have enough commendations for that exchange.

  • Not selecting anything or trying to buy something not on offer:

You can't buy that!


  • After purchasing an initial tattoo you may then purchase Upgraded A. W. O. L. Tattoos, for increasing A. W. O. L. commendation costs (10, 25, 50, 100).
  • Even though the event is over, commendations are still usable (and thus spendable) for players that have them.


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