4-d camera

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4-d camera
4-d camera

This is a simple camera with a dark secret -- the things it takes pictures of come true! Actually, the things it takes pictures of are already true by definition, but this makes them come true again... later.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 55 Meat.

Makes a copy of a monster to fight later

(In-game plural: 4-d cameras)
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Item number: 4169
Description ID: 176809873
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Wad.gif box spring  
Wad.gif nothing-in-the-box beer lens
Equals.gif 4-d camera

When Used

With a flash of light and an accompanying old-timey -POOF- noise, you snap a picture of him. Your camera begins to shake, rattle and roll.
Camera.gifYou acquire an item: shaking 4-d camera

You've already got a camera with a monster in it. You should probably deal with that one before you take another one.

  • Against a monster that can't be copied

This moment is too horrifying to commit to film. You can't bring yourself to snap the picture.


  • Allows you to copy a monster.
  • There is no technical limit on 4-d cameras used per day. However, because shaking 4-d cameras can only be used once per day, and you cannot use a 4-d camera if you have a shaking one in your inventory, they may only ever be used twice a day.
  • Using 40 of these makes you eligible for the Professional Photographer trophy
  • You may use a 4-d camera on a monster that pops out of a shaking 4-d camera.


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