1984 Had Nothing on This Cellar

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1984 Had Nothing on This Cellar
1984 Had Nothing on This Cellar

While all the tavern cellars you've encountered in the past have led you to expect either a crate or some rats, you've never before seen what you find here -- a crate filled with rats.

It's too heavy to move, and too noisy and unsanitary to abide.

Dump out the crate.

You pry the lid off the crate and heave, heave, heave it over. A deluge of rats scatters in every direction. Well, mostly in the direction you toppled the crate in, but every direction is represented by at least a rat or two. You pocket some of the leftover whiskers.

Whisker.gifYou acquire 3-5 rat whiskers
sometimes, if you do not have a smiling rat in inventory or terrarium

But... what's this? There's a single rat left in the crate, grinning at you like a madman. Madrat. Madras?

You wave your hands around and make some oogity-boogity noises, but he refuses to be scared off. Not sure what else to do, you pick him up and take him with you.

Smilerat.gifYou acquire an item: smiling rat

With +20 Stench Damage:

Stink them out

You knock a hole in the bottom of the crate and stick your <weapon> in, letting its powerful stench waft up into the jumbled mass of rats inside. The crate bursts open at the seams (do crates have seams?) and they disperse instantly, coughing little rat coughs and sputtering little rat sputters.


  • Choosing "Stink them out" does not consume an adventure.


  • The adventure title is a reference to the book Nineteen Eighty-Four, specifically the protagonist's worst fear, a cage of hungry rats, made real in Room 101.