100 Pound Load

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Trophy Number: 4
Image Filename: heavy_lourde.gif

100 Pound Load
100 Pound Load

This trophy is earned by having familiars with a total weight of at least 100 lbs.

100 Pound Load You're entitled to the "100-Pound Load" Trophy, for having familiars in excess of 100 pounds.


  • This trophy must be attained in one ascension, as familiar weight resets when you ascend.
  • Only your familiar's unbuffed weight counts towards this trophy.
  • Familiars with 0 experience don't count toward the total; only familiars used for one or more combats are included.
  • Each familiar's actual combat experience is counted, up to a maximum of 20 lbs, whether or not the familiar has special behavior governing effective weight during play (homemade robot, Ghost of Crimbo Carols, et. al).


  • The file name of this trophy, heavy_lourde.gif, alludes to a Homestar Runner animation, in which a weight bearing the label "Heavy Lourde" is dropped onto the oddball named Homsar. Of course, "lourd" or "lourde" is French for "heavy", so this might merely be a bilingual weight, such as might be found in Little Canadia.