"DEBBIE" tattoo kit

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"DEBBIE" tattoo kit
"DEBBIE" tattoo kit

This is the perfect tattoo for somebody who knows (and presumably likes) somebody named Debbie. And who doesn't, that's what I'd like to know!

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: "DEBBIE" tattoo kits)
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Item number: 8485
Description ID: 580255360
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Obtained From

Disco GiftCo (for 30 Volcoino)

When Used

  • With the tattoo:
You've already got a tattoo about Debbie. You don't want to make Debbie jealous by getting a tattoo about a different Debbie.
  • Otherwise:
You open the tattoo kit, pull out the needle, hand it to a random guy standing behind you, and let him go to town on your skin!
Debbietat.gif You have unlocked a new tattoo.


  • This is a reference to an episode of That 70s Show (S03E22) where Eric tries to get a tattoo of his girlfriend's name Donna. There are wacky hijinks and he winds up with a tattoo that says "Debbie" instead.


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