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|{{InlineItem|snow machine}}
|{{InlineItem|snow machine}}
| When any [[garden]] is harvested, it produces 1 [[snow berries]] and 1 [[ice harvest]] in addition.
| When any [[garden]] is harvested, it produces 1 [[snow berries]] and 1 [[ice harvest]] in addition. Not retroactive.
|{{InlineItem|warbear auto-anvil}}
|{{InlineItem|warbear auto-anvil}}

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Your Workshed

Your workshed is located in your campground and houses crafting-related appliances. It is installed in the campground on first using an appropriate crafting appliance. Clicking on the workshed describes what it contains:

Your rickety workshed contains:
something <some appliance>


Your workshed is constructed the first time you use a workshed appliance:

You don't have anywhere to put this, so you go dig through the dumpster behind a lumber yard and hastily construct a workshed in your campsite.

The shed can contain only one installed appliance at a time. However, installed workshed appliances persist through ascension.

If you use another appliance while your workshed is occupied, your previously installed appliance will be returned to your inventory as an item. You may switch your installed appliance only once per day.

Appliance Effect
Snowmachine.gif snow machine When any garden is harvested, it produces 1 snow berries and 1 ice harvest in addition. Not retroactive.
Wbanvil.gif warbear auto-anvil Allows meatsmithing without using an Adventure 5 times per day
Wbchemset.gif warbear chemistry lab About 20% of the time when cooking a potion, creates an additional copy of the potion.

About 3% of the time it will additionally create a warbear superpotion, warbear liquid lasers, or warbear rejuvenation potion.

Wbstill.gif warbear high-efficiency still 20% of the time when cocktailcrafting, returns one of the two ingredients.
Wboven.gif warbear induction oven Creates an additional copy of the first cooked item of the day and has a 5% chance the rest of the time when cooking.
Wbdrillpress.gif warbear jackhammer drill press Sometimes increases yields from pulverizing.

?% of the time additionally produces an antimatter wad.

Wblprom.gif warbear LP-ROM burner Lets you make recordings of your limited Accordion Thief buffs.

5% of the time additionally creates a recording of Rolando's Rondo of Resisto for Accordion Thieves.