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This is a big orange gourd. I wouldn't say it's "great," or, a "king," or even "smashing," but it's decent.


Shaker.gif fermenting powder Equals.gif pumpkin beer (3)
Ezcook.gif pie crust pumpkin pie
Wad.gif Knob Goblin firecracker pumpkin bomb
Wad.gif dope wheels pumpkin carriage
Hammer.gif pumpkin shin gourds
Hammer.gif bigger stick Staff of the November Jack-O-Lantern

scrumptious reagent

This is a substance with mystical properties which allow it to combine with many food items to make a variety of sauces and salves.



Lovepotion.gif banana Equals.gif banana smoothie
lion oil concoction of clumsiness
soda water cordial of concentration
cranberries cranberry cordial
eye of newt eyedrops of newt
strawberry eyedrops of the ermine
squashed frog Frogade
grapes libation of liveliness
glass of goat's milk milk of magnesium
cherry oil of expertise
jumbo olive oil of slipperiness
lime oil of stability
grapefruit ointment of the occult
papaya papotion of papower
jabañero pepper perfume of prejudice
lemon philter of phorce
orange potion of potency
salamander spleen salamander slurry
olive serum of sarcasm
tomato tomato juice of powerful power

Element Potions

Lovepotion.gif cold powder Equals.gif phial of coldness
hot powder phial of hotness
sleaze powder phial of sleaziness
spooky powder phial of spookiness
stench powder phial of stench


Lovepotion.gif goat cheese Equals.gif fancy schmancy cheese sauce
hellion cube Hell broth
Knob mushroom Himalayan Hidalgo sauce
marzipan skull Salsa de las Epocas
Knob sausage sauce of the ages


Lovepotion.gif caustic slime nodule Equals.gif bitter pill
decaying goldfish liver oil of oiliness
Hammer.gif dense meat crossbow savory crossbow
dense meat staff savory staff
dense meat sword savory sword
Asterisk.gif 1 delectable catalyst
(consumes one scrumptious reagent)
scrumdiddlyumptious solution