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==Obtained From==
==Obtained From==
;Defeated monsters, while on a [[Nuclear Autumn]] run.
;[[Nuclear Autumn]] [[special challenge path]]
:All monsters
:[[protonic accelerator pack]] (after combat while on a [[Nuclear Autumn]] run)
==When Used==
==When Used==

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This totally tubular object is a physical representation of one unit of radiation.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: rads)
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Item number: 9100
Description ID: 501301255
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Obtained From

Nuclear Autumn special challenge path
All monsters
protonic accelerator pack (after combat while on a Nuclear Autumn run)

When Used

Takes you to the Fiddling With Your Genes skill shop, can also be used as currency to unlock skills at the Gene-Sequencing Laboratory in Your Fallout Shelter.


  • If you use a rad but not on the Nuclear Autumn path, it will yield: "You can't just mutate at will."