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moose thought
moose thought

When taxidermists prepare a moose head for mounting, they have to scoop out the brain, and sometimes they run out of wadded-up newspaper, so they have to fill the cavity with moose thoughts written on scraps of paper.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 62 Meat.
Effect: Moose Wisdom (10 Adventures)Mysticality +20

(In-game plural: moose thoughts)
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Item number: 7341
Description ID: 699156790
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Obtained From

The Haunted Storage Room
stuffed moose head

When Used

You read the slip of paper:

<random thought>
Reindeer.gifYou acquire an effect: Moose Wisdom
(duration: 10 Adventures)


  • Thoughts are selected from the following:
    • I should rub my antlers against <a/an> <animal>.
    • I'll bet it's really embarrassing when porcupines are on a first date and they have stuff caught in their quills.
    • If I ever woke up and found I'd changed into <a/an> <animal>, the first thing I would do is get a drink of water. Because that's what I always do first thing in the morning.
    • If the plural of "moose" is "moose," then I think geese are getting away with something.
    • If you ever see a dead <animal> fall out of a tree, you should catch it in your antlers, because, hey, free <animal>.
    • It's easy to sit there and say that you'd like to have more <food>. And that's what I like about it; it's easy to just sitting there, rocking, wanting more <food>.
    • Is there anything better than some nice <food> in the morning? I mean, assuming you're not a stuffed head mounted on a wall, or anything.
    • One thing young moose like is to be tricked. This one time, I told my nephew that we were going to the watering hole, but instead I took him to this dried-out patch of ground and said, "oh, no, the watering hole dried up!" He started crying, but deep down, I could tell he thought it was a pretty good joke.
    • Sometimes I wish I were <a/an> <animal>. Then I realize that they probably wish they were moose. And with good reason.
    • You know what I hate about <animal>? They're always sashaying around like they're god's gift to <animal>.
    • You know what'd be worse than being a stuffed head mounted on a wall? A sentient stuffed head, able to think and reason but not move. Yeah, that'd be the worst.
  • <animal> can be one of:
    • antelope
    • ape
    • armadillo
    • badger
    • beaver
    • cheetah
    • coyote
    • eagle
    • elk
    • field mouse
    • fox
    • grouse
    • ibex
    • loris
    • marmoset
    • moose
    • otter
    • owl
    • porcupine
    • quail
    • rabbit
    • robin
    • skunk
    • sloth
    • wolf
  • <food> can be one of:
    • bark
    • berries
    • grass
    • hay
    • lichen
    • moss
    • roots


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