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Meat is the currency used in the Kingdom of Loathing. It can be used to purchase items from the various markets and shops, or to purchase items from other players. It is also used to create meat pastes, meat stacks, and dense meat stacks. You'll gain meat from combat and regular adventures throughout the kingdom. A wise player keeps his mind on their Meat, and his Meat on his mind. Replace all instances of "his" in the previous sentence with "his or her," if you're the kind of person who's bothered by that sort of thing.

It is not edible (no one in their right mind would eat money) so most food in the kingdom is meat-free. Exceptions do exist, like sausage and fish meats. Why? Why not?

According to Jick, the reason why Meat is the currency of KoL is that, when he was developing the game, he did not have a picture of "gold" uploaded. However, there was a picture of meat he made earlier, so he used it instead. It is suspected that it was to get rid of the illogical "finding money on a monster".



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